Housing Activity Space

As of January 2024, our regulations and procedures have been updated.
Please make sure to review the new regulations and procedures, in the agreement section, before submitting reservation requests.

Housing and Residence Life

Usage Regulations & Procedures

  • Georgia Tech Housing & Residence Life (HRL) employees and student residents may request meeting space and equipment inventory items (i.e.: tables, chairs, tents) for gatherings/meetings held in Housing and Residence Life spaces. Requests must be received at least 3 business days in advance.
  • Student residents and student organizations, with an HRL resident as a member, may reserve space two nights per week and up to eight times per month. Additional requests may be submitted after each recurring meeting or event has taken place. Only HRL staff, Hall Councils, and the Resident Hall Association (RHA) may reserve any specific space more frequently. Reservations are requested online through the following link: https://apps.conference.gatech.edu/reservations
  • The Sponsor Contact of the gathering/meeting must be a resident of the building or complex in which the request is being made and is responsible for ensuring the meeting is in accordance with all policies and regulations set forth by Georgia Tech and the Department of Housing & Residence Life including, but not limited to, those concerning alcohol, smoking, noise control, COVID-19 precautions, and guest escorts.
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent from the Office of Conference Services if the request is approved, denied or if further information is needed. All requests are ultimately subject to approval or denial by a professional staff member of Conference Services. Conference Services, on behalf of The Department of Housing & Residence Life, reserves the right to limit or deny usage.
  • Reservations are available beginning with the first day of classroom instruction and ending with the last day of classroom instruction for each semester.
  • All reservations will be subject to evaluation regarding fairness, appropriateness for the requested space, ability to comply with policies (including quiet hours), and space restrictions. No reservations will be permitted that interfere with GT Housing and Residence Life Departmental needs.
  • If you have any questions, email reservations@conference.gatech.edu or call 404-894-2469, 8am-5pm, M-F. For consistency and clarity of communication reservation requests will only be discussed with the Sponsor Contact of the gathering/meeting.