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Packing For Your Move

Most guests bring too much stuff! Please "pack light" for your trip to campus. Remember, we have easily accessible stores close to campus, so if you forget something, you can get it here! Last, storage in your room is limited to your wardrobe, and under your bed. There are no storage rooms in any of our halls.

Things to Bring

Prohibited Items


A special note about bicycles: You are welcomed to bring your bike, but you cannot easily store it in your room. Bike racks are provided around the residence halls. Be sure to bring a strong U-shaped lock (not a cable lock)!

Kitchen Appliances

For your convenience, the kitchens in apartments include a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, and stove. Dishes, pots, and pans are not provided for you. You may consider bringing the following kitchen items as well: Personal appliances that are used for cooking need to be used in a proper and safe manner. No open flame device is allowed in any residence hall. Appliances that generate high temperatures (generally over 140 degrees such as a George Foreman grill or portable deep fat fryers) can only be used at approved locations. The top of any of the apartment or common area stoves provided with exhaust hoods are considered the only approved locations for use within residence halls.

Furniture and Comfort

The apartments also have living room furnishings, with dining table and chairs, sofa, chairs, and coffee table. All of these items must stay in the living room the entire summer. They cannot be removed or placed in storage.

Individual health and air quality requirements vary greatly between people's desires and needs. Individuals should plan for small portable units (de-humidifer, air cleaner, humidifier, fan, ionizer. etc.) that meet their personal comfort desires as these items are not supplied in the rooms.