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Sequence of Events from Inquiry to Check-Out

  1. Intern or company completes online application (if company has numerous interns there should be information submitted for each intern) and agrees to terms and conditions. 

  2. License agreement is generated electronically from information submitted in application. 

  3. Intern or company agrees to terms of license agreement; Copy of license agreement is sent to email address provided on application. 

  4. Intern or company makes online pre-payment via credit card, debit card, or web check.    

  5. Email sent by GT Conference Services confirming lodging assignment, requesting remainder of rent payment and detailing check-in procedures.

  6. Intern or company makes online final payment via credit card, debit card, or web check.    

  7. Within 48 hours before your arrival, you will be emailed the name and email address for your roommates. At that point, you can reach out and touch base prior to check-in.   

  8. Intern checks in, receives apartment keys, BuzzCard, parking pass (if applicable), Internet log-in, Intern Welcome Packet, and room inspection sheet.

  9. Intern cleans apartment, checks out, provides keys back to GT Conference Services and completes evaluation.

  10. Additional charges are billed (if applicable).